Start fixing your flat feet

Flat feet can really effect your movement AND lead to knee pain! Fix those puppies with these easy drills. ⠀

Also don’t ever put shoes on your kid until they have to go to school; but that’s non of my business 😂 kids are typically born with flat feet and then walking without shoes on builds that arch.⠀

Ps – Ditch the orthotics – it’s basically like putting a cast on your weak feet.

What is fit enough?

What is fit enough?  If you are like me you have probably asked yourself this once or twice before.  I personally, am asking myself that all the time.  Every time I see a CrossFit competition, watch a football game, rugby match, snowboard competition, surfing video or mow my lawn, shovel my driveway, play with my kids, or get a look from my wife.

In my younger years I was a very active and competitive person. Now that I am 35 years old, married with 2 boys under the age of 4, own a home, and am running a business my priorities in training have shifted- not for better or worse, but to line up with my lifestyle.  Before, my training was to be fit enough to be the best I could be at the sport I was playing at the time.  Football, wrestling, hockey, and snowboarding all had similar training regiments while I was competing in them.  But now, I need to be fit enough to get through days of prepping meals for my family, playing with my three year old, four month old and two dogs, taking care of chores around the house, running a business and making sure I look good enough so my wife doesn’t look at me one day and say “When did that happen?”.

So the answer to “What is fit enough?” depends on what it is that you want to do with your life at that time.  Once you have that the next step is hanging on to that fitness as long as possible.

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