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Why Do So Many Diets Fail Long Term?

I have tried just about every diet challenge out there.  I have made it through all sorts of diets and challenges ranging from 30 to 90 days and had great success with most.  But something I always looked forward to even more than the results was the day after the challenge ended.  I would usually go completely off the …
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How To Read A 1 Rep Max Conversion Chart

Double-Under Technique

Slow motion analysis of some double-unders. Our guy Brian is working on having both hands spin at the same rate using the same pattern. Notice how this causes the shape of the rope to change!

Food Affects Your Sleep

A few months ago I would get up every morning feeling lethargic and not well rested.  Being a proud man I would blame everyone but myself.  “It’s because… the dog snores so loud… My son got up in the middle of the night… The storm was too loud.”  Those things were happening from time to time, but not consistently. After …
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Changing body changing practice

Listening to your body