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How To Perform A Proper Plank

Plank holds are a great way to improve core strength, but doing them wrong can take a lot of the benefits away.  Be sure to tilt those hips in the right direction, tighten those abs, and of course… SQUEEZE THE GLUTES! (or pinch the skittle for my Core Course friends)⠀

Post Pregnancy Back Pain?

Female back pain post pregnancy? Massages don’t fix the problem and neither will endlessly resting it. You need to learn how to move and regain control of your body!⠀

Forearm Openers

Why keep working through the pain? Wouldn’t you rather take a minute to make the rest of life easier for yourself? Try these Forearm Opener Stretches and loosen up so you don’t end up looking like Popeye. No one wants that.

Fix Your Squat

The one two punch to improve your squat! Often times we lack coordination in this functional movement pattern. That is a long road to nowhere my friends 😳 help yourself with these two drills.

Front Rack “Fix Upper”

If you struggle with front squatting or doing thrusters then let us help you! Here are three easy stretches from Coach Patrick.

Improve Your Squat Depth

 For most peple get a ton of pain in the knees, ankles, and hips comes from not being able to squat properly.  The average person (not an athlete) should be able to sit in the bottom of a squat heels down for a bare minimum of at least a minute without falling over.  The …
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