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How To Do A Chataranga

Megan breaks down the proper way to do a Chataranga.

Good Sources Of Fats

Fats are a great energy source for the body.  But making sure you are taking in the right types of fats can be a little tricky.

Bar Placement For Squats

Depending on where you place the bar for your squat it can dramatically change what muscle groups are getting developed.  In a squat the bar has to stay over the center of your foot in odor to stay balanced.  In order to do that you manipulate your body so you don’t fall over.  This changes …
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Using The Right Movements For Conditioning

This is a pretty command mistake in conditioning.  If the movement you choose to train an energy system is to complex or the wrong resistance you will most likely end up training the wrong energy system.  This can slow you down in improving your fitness.

Different Ways To Travel On Your Mat

There are a few different ways that you can travel to the top of you mat in Yoga.  Megan talks about how all of them require grace and control.

Why Eat Protein?

The marconutrient protein is the building blocks for muscle.  It is needed to grow and maintain muscle mass.  If neglect this important macronutrient you are more likely to experience things like loss in muscle mass which is to hang onto as we age and hunger cravens do to the like of nutrition in your diet.