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How To Read A 1 Rep Max Conversion Chart

The difference between front and back squats

Check out Coach Patrick’s breakdown of the two movements…

Curls for your chin-ups

If your arms get tired when you’re trying to get your chin over that bar, you’ll just have to make your arms stronger! Multiple women at our gym have begun using the bicep curl as a tool to help them reach their chin-up goals. To each of their surprise, the movement was much more challenging …
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Thruster Mechanics

Thrusters are an extremely metabolically demanding movement. In English that means… they burn an enormous amount of calories! However, they can be rough if you’re doing them wrong. Let’s take a look at how to do them right with Coach Patrick.

Tips For Your Dips

Dips are a great way to get a strong upper body, but doing them wrong can cause injury.  Here are some important things to focus on while doing body weight dips. Don’t be lazy and take some time to get your movement right.

How To Perform A Proper Plank

Plank holds are a great way to improve core strength, but doing them wrong can take a lot of the benefits away.  Be sure to tilt those hips in the right direction, tighten those abs, and of course… SQUEEZE THE GLUTES! (or pinch the skittle for my Core Course friends)⠀