Month: October 2016

How do you make time for working out or going to the gym?

Everyone has busy lives and making time to work on your health can be hard.  If you’re a person who has a hard time making fitness a more regular part of your schedule check out this short video from coach Kyle.

The Why Not Challenge

The point of fitness is to challenge yourself so you can get better right?  Whether it’s to eat cleaner foods, get stronger through strength training,  or to be able to perform at a high level  of fitness for longer you always want to be pushing the boundaries in order to keep moving forward with your …
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Recovery Workout

Using a heart rate monitor to spot fatigue

The Great think about HR monitors are that you can use them for all sorts of different things besides just making sure you ger a high heart rate while during your training.  Coach Kyle talks about how you can use it to spot major fatigue before you even start your workout.