Month: May 2017

How To Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean

The last thing anyone wants before they start their yoga class is to roll out their yoga mat to find dirt all over it from the last session.  Megan has a simple tip on how to keep your mat clean once.

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

A good way to test your craft is to get outside your comfort zone.  Yoga Instructor Megan talks about how to test your Yoga abilities by getting out of your comfort zone and trying Yoga in a different atmosphere.

Why Should You Improve Your Squat?

The squat is one of four primal movments that everyone person does on a regular bases.  At OLAF we want to fine tune and strength the squat to be able to do all of lifes day to day activties.  Lifting weights, sandbags, kettle bells,and anything we can think of to help develope the squat is …
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Maximizing Your Power Output during Repeats

If you are trying to improve on a certain time domain during conditioning you will always want to operate at a high intensity every time you train it.  If you are interval training you will always want your power output to be as high or higher than the very first round you did.  Coach Kyle …
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Have The Right Tool For The Job

When it comes to conditioning you always want to make sure you are using the right movements and progressions to help prevent injury and make the improvements you are looking for.  Coach Kyle talks about why you would want to do this and gives examples of how to sub certain movements for others.