Month: June 2017

Leafy Greens For Hydration

Staying hydrated can help improve many things like hunger, mood, and energy levels.  We all know drinking water can help you stay hydrated but did you know eating vegatables can help too?  Check out what coach Brooke has to say.

How To Do A Proper Chaturanga

A Chaturanga can be a great tool for building upper body strength but you have to be performing it properly.  Megan instructs on how to do a proper Chaturanga during your yoga sessions.

Self Image

Self image can be a real concern for many people.  Coach Brooke shares a podcast episode that did a great job of explain why most of us have a problem and why women in particular are more likely to have it.

Strong Feet For A Strong Squat

People sometimes find there knees diving inward on a squat do to weak feet.  Coach Patrick is going to talk about why this can happen and how you can improve your foot strength.

Tips On How To Make A Better Night Time Routine

To help you wind down your day so you can get a good nights rest every night you should creat a night time routine.  Coach Brooke talks about hers and how it also helps her set up the following day.