Month: July 2017

Glycolytic System

The gylcolytic energy system is moderate power output for about 2-6 minutes.  This does not come up often in day to day life for most people.  Unless you are late for a train and you’re about a half mile from the station and you have to get a move on.  Or maybe you have to …
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What Are Macros?

Macros are short for macronutrients in nutrient talk.  They are the main building blocks for the body.  Assuming you have your quality of food taken care of consentrating on a proper balance of these 3 can be your next step in tackling your nutrition.

Sun A & Sun B

No Maintenance Can Be Causing You Knee Pain

You could be doing everything right but with out taking care of the tissues (muscles) in your legs you could still be having some aches and pains in your knee.  Just like any machine in the world your body parts require maitenance as well.  That includes things like foam rolling, massages, and adjusments from your …
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Start By Eating Real Food

When first starting to look at your diet and nutrition it can be extremely overwhelming.  We have found out that if people bite off more than they can handle they tend to get overwhelmed and quit all together (that applies to so much more than just diet).  So what we like to do is consentrate …
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