Month: February 2018

Listening to your body

Have you hit your shins on a box jump?

When box jumps are in a workout, there’s always that chance of miscalculation. I’ve definitely been a victim of the unforgiving edge of a 30 inch box.  BUT! I didn’t let that stop me from trying again. After feeling the pain, it can definitely psych you out from trying again. Just remember, you’ve jumped up there …
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The difference between front and back squats

Check out Coach Patrick’s breakdown of the two movements…

Balasana crow pose

Curls for your chin-ups

If your arms get tired when you’re trying to get your chin over that bar, you’ll just have to make your arms stronger! Multiple women at our gym have begun using the bicep curl as a tool to help them reach their chin-up goals. To each of their surprise, the movement was much more challenging …
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