Month: April 2018

What does your posture look like?

 What is your posture like? Does your back hurt? These issues must be taken care of with a priority over strength training. Building strength around a dysfunctional core (your spine) is asking for trouble.

Is Any Exercise Better Than No Exercise?

IS any exercise really better than no exercise? In order to give an accurate assessment of this statement we need to break down the stages of EXERCISE to determine which stage you are in currently. STAGES OF EXERCISE Not exercising yet Started exercising regularly but for less than 6 months Exercising regularly for longer than 6 months Which stage you are in …
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Is your knee going over your toes bad in a squat?

 Your gym teacher probably lied to you and so did the 1985 fitness instructor on that VHS tape you bought. Your knees should go past your toes when you squat!

Why Do So Many Diets Fail Long Term?

I have tried just about every diet challenge out there.  I have made it through all sorts of diets and challenges ranging from 30 to 90 days and had great success with most.  But something I always looked forward to even more than the results was the day after the challenge ended.  I would usually go completely off the …
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How To Read A 1 Rep Max Conversion Chart