Time is priceless

If you are anything like me, time is one of the most valuable things in your life.  Between my wife, two boys, family/friends, two dogs, being a home owner, & running a business, the little time I have left is extremely valuable.

Right around the time that my first son was born is when I experienced how valuable my time was.  I used to workout for an hour a day, five days a week when I quickly realized my son was not going to allow that to happen the way I wanted it to.  I used to workout around 10 am Monday through Friday.  It wasn’t that he wouldn’t let me workout but there was no way I could make it an hour.  I would be in the middle of a workout and my son would start fussing. I would get frustrated because I would start thinking about how I would have to completely restructure my day to finish the workout. Do I cut out work time?  House chores?  Time with my family?  No way.  What I would end up doing was stopping mid-workout and attend to my son.  I knew the workout plan that I was doing was not going to work well because I was only doing half of the work.  This would make me feel terrible because it wasn’t my son’s fault for being a baby and wanting my attention.

What I realized is that my life had changed and with that, so did my priorities.  I still wanted to improve my health and fitness but I needed a plan that would not require as much time to get me where I wanted to go.  When I adjusted my workout plan my frustrations turned into gains and a happier times spend with my family.

I just need to get rid of some belly fat

“I just need to lose some of this belly fat.”  I sure all of us have said something like this at sometime.  But the reality of the situation is that you cannot target fat loss.  Besides liposuction, there is no way to diet or workout that will target an area for fat loss but there are things to do to help make that area appear better.

Say you want to work on your mid-section and you start doing exercises like planks, med-ball twists, and other trunk movements to target it.  You should see a decrease in waist size do to the fact that you are tightening muscle back up which would bring your waistline back in, but there would be no direct correlation to fat loss in that area of the body.

Fat comes off in almost a reverse order in which it goes on.  If you are a person who carries most of your weight around your mid-section that would be the last place you would start to see actual body fat percentages change.  Areas where you would see change first would be places like your arms, chest, and face.  Your mid-line fat is your body’s major fat reserve and you have to remember that your body doesn’t want to let it go.  Fat is stored fuel.  This is also why we say you have to trick your body into wanting to use that extra body fat with a well thought out plan of diet and exercise.

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