Taking care of your TFL

Give that TFL some love! It probably needs it.⠀

Writing your own workouts can be harder than it looks

You’re thinking “I know how to workout. I have been doing it most of my life.”  But what you’re not admitting to yourself is that you haven’t seen improvements in years and you are slowly putting on unwanted weight.  You did a great job researching how to workout to get the results you wanted back in your early twenties but the thing you are overlooking is that you have been working out the same way since.

If we compare this to a person who likes to work on their own car you would have to think of your fitness as the cars you have driven.  If you started working on your own cars back when you were in your early twenties you probably had a ton of time to look up things like how to rotate the tires, change the spark plugs, replace the brakes, change the oil, etc. but as the years have gone by you have gotten busier and  the car you drive has changed.  Life hasn’t left you much time to research how to do the maintenance on your current vehicle which is now a 2018, not a 1995 model.  Finding the latch to pop the hood is hard enough but once you start looking around underneath the hood you notice that you can’t find anything. Everything is stacked on top of each other and there is no room to reach in with your hand to check things so you just decide it is time to start taking your car to a mechanic.

The point is that your fitness demands have changed over the years.  Things like your metabolism, hormones, and stress levels have all shifted as you aged and you haven’t had the time to research what kind of working out you should do to get the results that you would like.  You have been able to slow down the gaining of weight but it is still creeping up.  Continuing to try to do the same thing is like trying to do the same maintenance to to your 2018 as you did to your 1995 model car.

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