Box check training is simply showing up and doing the work without caring about how the actual training went.  Just checking a box like a To-Do list.

This type of training can be useful if you are not looking to improve.  For example, I personally perform triple body weight yoke carries with no desire to increase weight on it because I will not be generating more than triple body weight forces when flipping on my snowboard.  I just need to checking the box every week on my yoke carry to keep my body structure ready for impact.  It won’t require much focus mentally, similar to doing household chores.  If you thinking about putting away your dishes or vacuuming you can probably do it with your eyes closed but when you first started you had to think about the task much more.

This type of training IS NOT useful if you are trying to improve anything.  For example, I can hold a standard handstand for about 30 seconds but I would like to do much more than that.  So I can’t just check boxes on my handstand training.  I need to be present and focused when I train for handstands so I can improve and hopefully get to the point where I can perform single armed handstands one day.