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Athlete Of The Month For July 2016

  Who are you? My name is Molly Mullins and I’ve been married to Paul for 32 years. We have three wonderful children. My son Blake, his wife Melia, and daughter Arden live in Oklahoma City. They are expecting another baby girl in November (yeah!!). My daughter Caitlin lives in Nashville, and my youngest son, …
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Athlete Of The Month For May 2016

  Who are you? Family? I am Amanda Wilson.  The daughter of Mark and Ann Wilson, and I have an older brother Brian, who is 22. We have two dogs Kuma and Otis who are my children. Occupation? I am a full time nursing student, and I have worked at Michael Kors for almost two …
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Athlete Of The Month For March 2016

Who are you? Family? My name is Phil Dorencz and I have a wife, Lisa and two girls, Emily (16) and Hailey (9). We’ve lived in Batavia for about 13 years. Occupation? I’m a software developer for a financial firm in Geneva and a reluctant Uber driver for certain 9 and 16 yr olds. Activities? …
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Athlete Of The Month For February 2016

Who are you? Family? Married for 13 years to my Wife Julie. Two kids…Michael 10 (4th) Lorraine 7 (1st) both attend Hoover Wood Elementary School
. Occupation? Business Owner, CDSC, General Contracting. Activities? Football, Basketball and Baseball youth coach… I’m a sucker.   Why did you start or try CrossFit? Boredom of my current workouts and …
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Athlete Of The Month For January

Who are you? Family? I’ve been married to my husband, Andy, for 12  years. I have three kids: Sarah is 11, Aidan is 10 and Morgan is 6.  CoCo the cat who thinks she is a dog is 5.   Occupation? I am a Middle School Special Education teacher in the St. Charles School District. …
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Athlete Of The Month For December

          Who are you? Family? I have been married to my wife Ginger for 11 years and we have 3 boys, Caleb(8), Logan(5) and Wyatt(3). We moved to Batavia two years ago from Waukesha, WI Occupation? Business and Product Development for Vulcan Materials Company. Vulcan is the nation’s largest aggregate producer, …
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