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Everyone needs a team

 Have you ever tried to tackle something big on your own?  Could be anything:  a large project like landscaping or building a fence, starting your own business or having kids.  You could complete all of these tasks on your own but you would set yourself up to be more successful if you had others …
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Start fixing your flat feet

 Flat feet can really effect your movement AND lead to knee pain! Fix those puppies with these easy drills. ⠀ ⠀ Also don’t ever put shoes on your kid until they have to go to school; but that’s non of my business 😂 kids are typically born with flat feet and then walking without …
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What is fit enough?

 What is fit enough?  If you are like me you have probably asked yourself this once or twice before.  I personally, am asking myself that all the time.  Every time I see a CrossFit competition, watch a football game, rugby match, snowboard competition, surfing video or mow my lawn, shovel my driveway, play with my kids, or …
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Speaking with intention

 Speak with intention and positivity today folks. Words have a much larger effect than you think.

You don’t have to just drink water to stay hydrated

 You have more ways to help you stay hydrated than just by drinking water!!!!!

What’s your WHY for training?

 What’s your WHY for training?  I know many of you are thinking “That’s an easy question- to improve my strength, cardio, CrossFit, health, fitness… fill in the blank.”  While those are all great goals you should still be asking yourself how does that apply to your life?  Your TRUE WHY. I, personally had gone through many changes with my TRUE WHY over the years and …
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