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How to make a mug cake

Making a mug cake is a great way to kill to birds with one stone.  Get some needed protein and have a delicious treat.

Hungry? You might be thirsty

 Do you ever feel like you are constantly hungry? No matter what you do or eat, you are a bottomless pit of hunger. Well maybe your hydration levels and previous nights sleep are to blame for that….

It snowed a foot and I won’t be able to make it to the gym! What do I do?

 This past week we received a good amount of snow and it got me thinking about what the me from four years ago would be saying.  “It’s suppose to snow a foot so I’m not going to make it to the gym for the next couple of days.  There goes my workouts for this week.”  Many of …
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Combat bad thoughts

 Time To Combat Those Bad Thoughts During Times Of Stress Or Negativity… Constantly Remind Yourself:⠀ -You Are Strong Enough⠀ -Whatever You Are Facing, You Can Overcome⠀ -Tough Times Never Last Forever

I sprained my ankle so I shouldn’t workout

 “I sprained my ankle and I am just going to take a few weeks off of working out until I can do it again.”  I have heard this phrase (not just ankle, but with any body part) many times in my ventures as a trainer in the fitness industry and I always follow up with the …
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What does your posture look like?

 What is your posture like? Does your back hurt? These issues must be taken care of with a priority over strength training. Building strength around a dysfunctional core (your spine) is asking for trouble.