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Time is priceless

 If you are anything like me, time is one of the most valuable things in your life.  Between my wife, two boys, family/friends, two dogs, being a home owner, & running a business, the little time I have left is extremely valuable. Right around the time that my first son was born is when I experienced how …
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I just need to get rid of some belly fat

 “I just need to lose some of this belly fat.”  I sure all of us have said something like this at sometime.  But the reality of the situation is that you cannot target fat loss.  Besides liposuction, there is no way to diet or workout that will target an area for fat loss but …
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Taking care of your TFL

 Give that TFL some love! It probably needs it.⠀

Writing your own workouts can be harder than it looks

 You’re thinking “I know how to workout. I have been doing it most of my life.”  But what you’re not admitting to yourself is that you haven’t seen improvements in years and you are slowly putting on unwanted weight.  You did a great job researching how to workout to get the results you wanted back in …
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How can you tell if you have flat feet?

 How do you know if you have flat feet? Why is it important?

Too much cardio can shorten your lifespan

 If all you do is run, HIIT, bike, or just do traditional high intensity CrossFit workouts you are missing out on a huge part of training that will increase your lifespan.  That type of training is strength training. By no means am I saying that the other types of fitness activities are bad.  I …
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