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Goal setting and achieving

 Accountability is crucial, not just in health but in Life! Here are just a couple tips when working to stay accountable to your goals

When it’s warm be sure to stay hydrated

 Stay Hydrated!

Body Tightness

 Total body mobility is important! Your body is all connected. Don’t just stretch the areas where you feel the most tightness.

Is your drinking affecting our diet?

 Are you drinking your calories?

Shoe Review

 Here’s a quick shoe review for new weightlifters! Probably need to ditch the ASICS and get some flat shoes.

Everyone needs a team

 Have you ever tried to tackle something big on your own?  Could be anything:  a large project like landscaping or building a fence, starting your own business or having kids.  You could complete all of these tasks on your own but you would set yourself up to be more successful if you had others …
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