A few months ago I would get up every morning feeling lethargic and not well rested.  Being a proud man I would blame everyone but myself.  “It’s because… the dog snores so loud… My son got up in the middle of the night… The storm was too loud.”  Those things were happening from time to time, but not consistently.

After a few weeks when I admitted to myself that I was just creating excuses I started to pay more attention to why I was waking throughout the night.  I noticed that when I woke up I was hot.  Super hot.  So hot that I was laying on top of the covers trying to get as little of my body’s surface area to touch the bed.  If I could have levitated over the covers in a star position I would have.

I couldn’t fall back asleep until my body temperature came down to a normal temperature.  I also found out that it was happening about 3 to 4 hours after going to bed as well.  I was starting to put things together.

I work until about 8pm during the week and don’t get home until about 8:30pm.  By that time I am usually starving and would crush whatever delicious meal my wife had prepared, stuffing my face until I could barely move.  And most nights I would have some type of desert to finish off my meal.  Then, I would turn around and go to bed around 9:30pm.

There are studies that show that you can experience Diet-Induced Thermogenesis.  This, in short, means that depending on the food that you ate and the number of calories with in the food, your body temperature can rise.

This made sense to me since I would eat like a glutton every night.  When I realized this I started tracking my food again and figured out the proper amount of calories I can handle given my bed time while still being able to have a good nights sleep.  Since then I have been getting much better sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go!  It’s only every once in awhile the dog will wake me up with her snoring  😉

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