For those of you who don’t know Barney Stinson, he was a character on a television sitcom called “How I Met Your Mother”.  In this comedy Barney plays a a single lady’s man that prides himself on the ability to sleep with any women.  In one episode Barney describes something called the “Crazy-Hot scale”.  Simply put, a women’s craziness needs to match how attractive she is.  The crazier she is the hotter she needs to be.  The amount of stress and relaxation you get should follow the same scale.

If you have ever seen an nature show you have seen animals follow this scale very well.  They experience high levels of stress either trying to find food or not be food.  Then, they spend much of their time relaxing and lying down to conserve energy for when there are more high stress experiences again.  Our human lives are no different.

If you lead a pretty sedentary and/or low stress life (low stress job, no regular physical labor) you could probably handle 5 or 6 extremely intense workouts a week with some supervision.  But, if you are a person that already has high stress levels due to work or family and/or do physical labor regularly only 1 or 2 extremely intense workout sessions a week would probably suite you best.  Doing more could over stress your body and cause you to go backwards in your results.