What’s your WHY for training?  I know many of you are thinking “That’s an easy question- to improve my strength, cardio, CrossFit, health, fitness… fill in the blank.”  While those are all great goals you should still be asking yourself how does that apply to your life?  Your TRUE WHY.

I, personally had gone through many changes with my TRUE WHY over the years and dealing with the struggles in adjusting my training to it.  In my late teens to earlier 20’s I was a competitive snowboarder so my training was to look good with shirt off (for the ladies) and perform well at freestyle snowboarding.  When my career ended in snowboarding I moved to the ocean to surf and also found CrossFit.  I would spend hours in the gym (10-12 hours of training a week) six days a week training to get good at CrossFit.  When I met my loving and supportive wife things shifted.  I wanted to spend more time with my significant other (as you should, right?) so my trainings focus was still on getting better at CrossFit but now spending less time training (about 5-6 hours a week).  Then, my first son was born and the challenges of being a new parent were real.  Getting basically no sleep and not knowing what I was doing as a new parent changed my focus of training from getting better at CrossFit to wanting to look good for my wife and be healthy and fit enough to enjoy life outside of the gym.  This change had a large affect on what my training looked like, along with adjusting to less time training to get the results I wanted (3-5 hours a week).  Most recently, my second son was born and my focus has changed slightly to still looking good for my wife 😉 and being able to share my love for freestyle snowboarding and surfing with my sons.

My WHY has basically come full circle throughout my life and believe me, I didn’t always know my real WHY during the transitions.   So I ask you again what is your TRUE WHY?